Git: Setup Git for multiple emails

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The common way we configure Git email address at our machine is:

git config --global

It’s only for 1 email address and it will become a challenge when you have 2 (or more) Git accounts for different purposes e.g: for work project and for personal project. Remote repository only calculates commit contribution if configured email address matches with account’s email address.

One of solution I think of is to re-configure email address by re-running above terminal command each time before committing. However, it seems not efficient. There is another way to solve it.

Tips on writing bug report

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Why writing an effective bug report is a good skill for QA team?

In my earlier days as QA analyst, Development team often complained me about how confusing bug report I wrote.

The general complaints I received are about ambiguous description, confusing steps to reproduce, and missing visual evidence.

I felt annoyed with these complaints at the time. So I complained back to them that they should already understand the bug because they were the one who created it in the first place.