(Part 1) Creating business dashboard: Basic Concept

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This article covers basic concept of business dashboard which includes:

  • what is business dashboard?
  • why do we need business dashboard? and
  • what is the example of business dashboard?

What is business dashboard?

In this information age, organization may have hundreds of KPIs from various departments to monitor whether their business is performing well or need corrective action.

With that complexity, it’s hard for decision makers to track all of those indicators without having an aggregated view. They need a single interface contains relevant indicators to help them direct the business

This particular interface is commonly called as Business dashboard.

Why do we need business dashboard?

Even though a single interface is already available, it may lead to frustration when existing data presented in messy and unstructured format. This is the condition where business dashboard takes place to solve that problem.

Business dashboard allows decision makers to get quick results of relevant data so that they can understand latest condition and position of business strategy.

Business dashboard example

As an example, we can see from one of the popular business dashboard in the market: Google Analytics.


From the top section of dashboard, users can quickly view the fluctuation of their site visitors. This type of metric can help them to analyze effectiveness of marketing strategy by comparing visitors before and after marketing campaign.


If we take a ship as analogy for an organization, then a business dashboard is similar to a pair of maps and compass.


A ship captain may use compass and maps regularly to know where the ship is supposed to be directed in the ocean.

Same principle happens to a business dashboard as well. Decision makers may use business dashboard regularly to get relevant data so that they can understand latest business condition.

Next week, we will learn about elements and design process of business dashboard.

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