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Why writing an effective bug report is a good skill for QA team?

In my earlier days as QA analyst, Development team often complained me about how confusing bug report I wrote.

The general complaints I received are about ambiguous description, confusing steps to reproduce, and missing visual evidence.

I felt annoyed with these complaints at the time. So I complained back to them that they should already understand the bug because they were the one who created it in the first place.

Arguments came back and forth which I think was counterproductive and wasting of time.

Then, I realized this tension happened between us because both of our team have different type of mindset. Dev team mindset is doing their best to build a great product.Meanwhile, QA team mindset is doing our best to prove the product wasn’t great.

I learnt that writing an effective bug report can help to bridge these different mindsets between QA and Dev team.

Writing bug report

Here are elements I found important to include in a bug report:

Title / Summary The bug title should be descriptive which includes feature name and issue overview.

Why is the bug title important?

  • A concise summary of issue allowing you to easily spot on existing issue and compare bugs for duplication,
  • we can group bugs based on the title to prioritize bug fixing.

Format I like to use for writing bug title:

[Product]-[Element in Product]-[Brief Issue Summary]


Landing page – Page title – The title disappeared after resizing the width of the browser window to 1024px

Steps to reproduce

This section is the place where we convince Development team that the bug is real and reproducible.

Things to consider whilst writing this section:

  • reproduction steps should be the quickest route to an issue;
  • using bullet points; and
  • even when there are recorded videos as attachment, those do not replace written reproduction steps.


  • Go to http://webtest
  • Login with valid credentials
  • Click on “Accessories” menu
  • Select one of items in the “Notebook” list
  • Click “Add to cart” button
Description and Attachments

This section explains clear description of the problem which includes comparing expected result and actual result, also includes facts to validate the bugs like:

  • Screenshots on which error occurred,
  • Videos that showed exact detail (optional),
  • Related configuration, and
  • Software version.

Because if the Development team cannot reproduce the bug, they can still see the outcome.


Hope this can give you a starting point to write bug report that bridge QA and Development team communication.

Team culture and chemistry may varies among companies. So, in order to get significant outcome, I suggest you to sit down with development team and formulate a template of bug report with them. After all, they will the ones who fix the issue.

Thanks for reading and happy bug hunting.


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